Centroservice was created in 2006 to furnish the kitchen industry with components and accessories produced internally by individual firms, concentrating on the production of base unit plinths, cymas and worktop frames. Centroservice permits to its Clients the elimination of storage costs, the reduction of production costs and also allows the growth of its own lines and articles; an automated warehouse, personalized production and a software capable of handling any type of management are the main strength of Centroservice, the best partner in the kitchen industry.

Control and storage

All incoming material is firstly controlled to compare as to samples seen by Clients and only then, is stored in the main deposit.

Product range

Centroservice offers its customers the possibility to choose from over 3500 articles. Provide appropriate advice to the sale is now basic, to stand out and satisfy the customer, increasingly demanding and attentive to the quality and to the service offered.

Manufacturing of top frames

Top frames are named by code and then after verifying the cutting file sent by the Client, the machine starts the cutting sequence optimizing the bar for all types of angles requested; the operator will then pack to protect all the delicate parts.

Care of details

Care in details is a priority of Centroservice. Each request by the Client regarding finishes and special packing, is achieved using special aluminum profiles.

Just in time

Starting from any un-worked profile Centroservice offers an unlimited just in time service for colors and finishes.

Exclusive fixing system

The traditional and high cost fixing system of the top frames is substitute by Centroservice exclusive system that offers to all its Clients , allowing them to reduce the costs and to offer to their final Client an easier, quicker and precise solution of final installation.

Artisan production

Centroservice also produce artisan arte-facts, where special care is taken in details and varnished with the just in time system. Three modern cutting lines permit the personalization of plinths , work top frames and under top cymas. With labels and sealed, after only 3 days from receiving the order, the goods are ready for delivery to the Client. Thanks to a specific machinery Centroservice offers personalization of the air grills for fridges and particular curving particular for under top cymas and plinths. In additions to its own 3500 articles Centroservice collaborates and distributes VIBO products, a leading firm in chrome film market for the furnish of the kitchen cupboard system in constant research for updated materials and finishes with the least technologies, automations and sliding systems.


Since 2008 Centroservice has installed a photovoltaic implant of 110 kw which makes it partially self-sufficient from an energy point of view and also habitat friendly, completely eliminating about 50 tons of carbon dioxide each year.